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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Presentation for showing my photos (click to go to gallery)

As the time draws closer to have my next show, I have begun to develop a method of presenting my photos to those who can't quite visualize any of them in a room setting.  Interiors are always difficult, and peoples tastes are so different. 

The exercise I have begun allows me a different perspective of my photos as well.  There are many photos that I have taken that I just love, but I only saw the photo, not the place it could be.  As I began working with my plan, I realized many of my favorite photos did not work in room settings.  I started looking at other photos that I would never have considered enlarging and taking the time to mat or frame.  As I went to sites such as PICTURE FRAMES and began playing with mats and frames, I concluded that one never really knows what is going to work in a room setting. 

I do enter many of my photos into contests, and win a lot of ribbons, but a contest winner a marketable photo does not make.  Then I thought, "What if I start looking at rooms online to see what kind of art work they use."  From there, as I searched for things like traditional living room, entryway room, kitchen, etc., I began to get a feel for styles and use of art. 

Well, my next thought was "What if I take some of the art, as it is presented, download the room, and then replace the art with my photos."  This little exercise has given me an entirely new perspective on my art and how it works in the big scheme of things.

I would recommend trying this exercise to anybody that seems to have trouble making people see how the photos they are looking at can be used in their homes and offices.  All you need is an editing program, such as Photoshop, and a sense of how to cut and paste.  As you get better at it you can start adjusting the edges of your framed piece by using functions such as skew.  In the meantime, if you start looking at rooms, stick to rooms that have been photographed straight on. 

If you know enough people with different styles, perhaps you can take some interiors of their homes and try to apply your photos to their rooms.  Here is one that I completed, and the results are fabulous.  Follow the link for more samples.  Room Samples

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