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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Rain

The rain of springtime has settled in for the week.  I am grateful that it is falling, because it is terribly dry right now.  The sights of rain can be depressing, but with a camera the world of rain becomes magical. 

It is a lowly wild cherry branch, but the rain clings to beautifully delicate beads that will be white blooms in a few weeks. 

Yes, the lilacs are at their peak this week.  Alas, the rain will turn them brown, but for now, they glow pinky purple in the late dimmed rain light.

This lilac I planted in the spring of 1997.  It is now tall and gives us lovely bluish tinted blooms every year. 

The spring blooms are nearly done, but the spring vegetable garden is growing well.  The peas have small tendrils that seek out a place to hold so they may grow tall and strong.  The rain will make them burst into growth, but for now they are simply stretching their young stalks.

I head for the corner of my yard.  It is heavily shadowed, but in the midst of the shadows is a mass of mayapples.  The lowly mayapple, so often overlooked, has a single bloom on each plant.
                                     It is hard to look at the wet ground, knowing that clothes will get wet,
   but  the bloom is shadowed and under the large leaves. 

The bloom is lovely and ghostly in the dark
 shadows under the plants. 

The camera is now moist with mist and small raindrops.  It is time to head inside, and wipe it down and put it away.  But there is one more picture just begging to be taken.  Outside of the window in the bedroom, is a honeysuckle tree.  It is very Anne of Green Gables feeling.  My favorite of all books, even today I must read it annually.  As I look at my version of the Snow Queen, I wonder what name Anne would give it.  I am still trying to hit on the perfect name for her.  I believe the tree is a her because she is resilient and always serves as a nesting place for many birds.  We have cut her down at least three times, and she still comes back.  She is sweet in the rain, and the droplets are a perfect contrast for her straight, simple blooms.

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